We Believe in the Force for Good and the Power of Reading!

Help teach a child to read. change a life.

Our community’s success depends on our children’s success. Helping students learn to read is a community commitment to closing the achievement gap.

We are Reading Warriors, an army of volunteers in the public schools in Forsyth County, tutoring children who are below grade level in their reading skills. Did you know that currently about half of the third graders in Forsyth County schools are struggling with reading? We’re determined to change this by working one-on-one with kindergarten and first grade students to help them become successful readers.


Learn How Below

Become a reading warriors volunteer.

We’ve trained volunteers from all walks of life so you don’t need to have an education background. We’ve got you covered with simply written and very thorough instructions. There is a manual for tutors with a lesson plan for each tutoring session, a student manual, and a kit of materials and books.

Our curriculum is rigorous, but it’s designed to solidify the foundational reading skills the children we serve are missing. We support the instruction teachers are providing in the classroom. The curriculum is based on phonics and is systematic, targeted, and efficient which means the time with your student is effective and well spent.

Your work is a tremendous gift to these kids. But let’s face it, we enrich our own lives through the relationships we build with the children. Tutoring sessions will become a highlight of your week!


If you're ready to join us, follow the steps below:

The Need

Only half our community’s children are reading at grade level by 3rd grade. We need to change this for the sake of our kids and our community,

The Goal

All in for 90% by 2025.” WS/FCS is continuing the Reading Warriors initiative to help children achieve 90%+ proficiency in reading in 3rd grade.

The Plan

Great quality classroom instruction, increased wrap-around services for students, support and interventions in school, and Reading Warrior volunteers like you.

How Will Reading Warriors Make A Difference?

Reading Warriors Will:

Provide each student with a caring adult tutor/coach who delivers targeted support.
Serve as an advocate and champion for students as their reading skills develop.
Enable students to work at their just-right level so they can grow and continue their progress as readers.
Strengthen students’ skills through one-on-one practice.
Give students access to texts that support their continued development as a reader.
Change a child’s life!

THANK YOU for considering this extremely important work.


Reading will impact a child’s future success in school and life.

Signing up to volunteer is easy. Let’s get started!



Click this link to begin. Select “New Volunteer” and complete the Volunteer Registration Form for eligibility.


Select a School

Using the “School or Group” dropdown, select a Reading Warriors participating school. In the “Relationship to Student” dropdown, select “Other.”


Sign up for training

You’ll soon recieve an email from our staff with a link to available training dates. Use the provided link to sign up for training.


Pick your Student

At training you will be given instructions to select your preferred schools and will then be matched with a student.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's my commitment for tutoring?
Tutors are asked to commit to tutoring a student twice a week for 30 minutes each session.
What is the commitment for training?
Expect to attend a training session.  There are numerous training dates from which to choose.
Can I tutor at any school I choose?

The list of schools that participate in Reading Warriors is below. You may choose any of those schools.

Ashley Academy • Bolton • Cook Literacy Model • Diggs-Latham • Easton • Forest Park • Gibson • Griffith • Hall Woodward • Ibraham • Kimberley Park • Kimmel Farm • Kernersville • Moore • Old Town • Smith Farm • South Fork • Union Cross

If I have a conflict for a session, what do I do?
We understand that people travel and have other appointments. We ask that you contact the teacher ahead of time to inform him/her that you will not be present for a session. You can reschedule for another time that week that works for both you and the teacher or cancel the session.
Do I need to provide any materials?
We provide you with everything you need!  You will get tutor and student manuals as well as supplies and books.
What if I've never taught or tutored before?
No worries!  We’ll teach you everything you need to succeed.

Learn more

Download the Reading Warriors Flyer for more details.

For more questions, email readingwarriors@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

Interested in Serving new readers?

Watch this live presentation by Reading Warriors Executive Director Paula Wilkins.

Interested in Group Trainings?

If you are part of a larger organization that would like to train collectively, please email to learn more.